Hillary Howorth Art



Hillary Howorth was raised in Greenville, South Carolina, but has made Nashville, TN her home after marrying a Nashville native. They now reside in Nashville raising their three young boys. 

Hillary is a self-taught, instinctual, contemporary and mixed media artist. Born into a family of do-it-yourselfers, creatives and musicians, her creativity and passion for the arts was encouraged and supported from an early age. Hillary has always felt the need to create and spent much of her childhood doing so through ballet, choreography, drawing, painting and design which lead to her attending a fine arts high school part time in Greenville, SC. While Hillary has been creating works of art throughout her life, it was not until 2015 when home on maternity leave with her second child that she began taking her passion to a more serious level. Hillary has now committed to her art on a full-time basis, learning to trust her own inclinations.

Hillary’s collection of original contemporary art is diverse and incorporates a wide variety of mediums. Her preference is art expressed through soothing palettes, but she also enjoys the occasional dark yet uplifting pieces. Being self-taught gives Hillary the freedom to paint outside the traditional “rules” of formal educational training. Hillary feels that art shouldn’t have boundaries or parameters— there is no right or wrong way to express and create.  

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